Open Gate cooperates with major enterprises, in Europe as well as Overseas

We develop software able to manage high transaction volumes, elevated criticality and an enormous number of data (BigData), providing resolutions to issues with particular complications of optimization and calculation.

We produce management tools compatible with the existing environment and the ecosystem of the software, which perfectly integrates with the most famous ERPs and with proprietary software.

We develop applications designed to be horizontally scalable and highly reliable.

Our solutions are conceived to be global: our software is developed and documented in English and then adapted to the nations in which it will be used, even in languages with different glyphs and different orientation of the text.

We help to improve productivity and efficiency by providing features able to support business logic

Our software for Large Enterprise consist of a set of programs tailored to the customer and are compatible with the most common business applications. We can develop tools useful for the global organization of the company or for the development and creation of specific applications, as well as software designed to solve specific issues.


by Marco Fadini –