Now you’re small, but you want to become great

We would like to suggest you our online micro ERP LittleBigCo.: intuitive and easy to use, it will allow you to devote your time to the growth of your business.
Until yesterday you could remember all the names of your customers, the invoices to be issued and you had reminders for several deadlines on your smartphone… but now you’re growing, the volume of your business is increasing and very often a good online ERP is the answer to the problem.

Customers invoices
Master data
Supplier invoices
Work calendar

Little Big Co.

Sometimes, all you need is a good ERP!

An online software at a small price to help you saving time

Little Big Co.

The entrepreneur is the one who has ideas and makes the decisions, but he needs data and numbers before making them.

It’s really easy to use… just like an online bank account

A new micro ERP that does not start from the accounting point of view… but, on the contrary, it starts from the entrepreneur point of view. A software able to integrate with your online bank account and your accounting consultant in order to have all the essential tools to run your business. Little Big Co. also offers all the characteristics of an online software:

No installations
No server needed
No maintenance
No Backup
No virus
No lost data

At a very small price… less than 50 cents a day!

If you wish to know more about LittleBigCo. visit the dedicated website…

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