What are the advantages provided by a customized software?

Accelerate the processes

A catering company knows in real time the reserved dates, the list of suppliers is automatically matched to each event, waiters are contacted following a certain order… Now, finally, multiple events can be organised at same time without worries

Traceability anywhere

At any moment it’s possible to find out the state of work of an event and what has been done by whom just by logging in with a smartphone, tablet or pc. If there’s a problem the system will automatically open a warning message… only a custom software can guarantee this level of traceability.

It’ll help you when you’re in difficulty

If your trusty employee George is sick, his work can be carried on by Tiziana or by Alberto: all the information regarding the project are contained inside the software hosted in cloud, not in a mailbox or in the computer of a single user.

It’s scalable

Your company is becoming an enterprise day by day, you’re growing and your software is able to grow with you. A custom made software is scalable, it won’t be necessary to redo everything from scratch; you’ll grow and the software will adapt.

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What’s the difference between a off-the-shelf software and a custom software made by Open Gate?

What it does
An off-the-shelf management software may help you run the accounting, payrolls and warehouse operations (standard processes or legally limited operations), but it can’t assist you in what really is your business. It can’t because it’s standard and you’re not standard!
Let’s make an example: you have a catering company and your business is becoming famous on the market, the demands increase, your dishes are being appreciated by more and more people.. so you decide to make a change in your company. You will only have to contact us, tell us about how you run your business and how you would like to improve it. We’ll advise you and together we’ll plan a strategy to get results: on your websites it’s now possible to book an event on an online calendar that will show when you’re available. When a customer books a date the software will automatically activate all the sequences you requested: it’ll send an email to waiters asking if they’re available, according to the menu it will create a shopping list divided by suppliers, it’ll remind you of appointments… it will do what you need and it will make your life easier, helping you save time that you’ll be able to dedicate to create new tasty dishes
How it's done
You can't do without it