Start Up

You have the idea and we’ll create the software to make it come true or we’ll develop your website, a storefront towards the world so that your adventure will begin in the best possible way. If you’ve decided to create a business, we’ll advise you and provide all the technological tools you will need

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Micro Enterprise

You’re small, but you want to become great. We would like to suggest you our online micro ERP LittleBigCo at a micro price: only 14.99€ per month. Intuitive and very easy to use, it will allow you to devote your time to the growth of your business instead of wasting time collecting invoices

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Small / Medium Enterprise

Your originality is your strength and a standard software is not good enough for you. We can help you get rid off excel files, printed documents, reminders on your mobile phone or post-its and other time wasters… It’s time to computerize your business and we can help you.

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Large Enterprise

We cooperate with major enterprises in Europe as well as Overseas, creating software able to handle large volume transactions, elevated criticality and an enormous number of data. Our management tools perfectly integrate with the ERP in use and with proprietary software.

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  • Customized software
  • Online management ERP
  • Customized management tools
  • Consultancy
  • Smartphone Apps
  • Website creation
  • eCommerce
  • Application service provider
  • Online advertising campaigns
  • SEO
  • Software CRM / ERP
  • Assistance
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Job opportunities

ninja Open Gate, as a software house specialized in developing J2EE applications, we’re always looking for talented Java developers. Send us your CV to

About us

ninjas Open Gate is a software house founded in 2004. Our mission is providing customized technological solutions in order to decrease the gap between your business and off-the-shelf programs.

What is included in our projects

Java 85%
Word Press 15%
Open Source 100%
Mobile 30%