We're a group of information technology enthusiasts

Open Gate is a software house founded in 2004. Since programming is a passion, passion for IT is the motivation that encouraged its founder to start this adventure… and now, after eleven years, we are a team of people who share the same enthusiasm. At first it was only consultancy for Large Enterprises, then the desire to expand horizons has grown: it was the beginning of our worthwhile collaboration with Small Medium Enterprises. Recently our horizons have widened again towards Startups and a new adventure has begun. There is only one thing that we have never changed since the beginning of Open Gate: the strong eagerness to program only open source software, because we firmly believe software needs to be… Free as Freedom.
Over the years, our number has increased and we have been involved in many projects: from consultancy to developing software or Apps… but the philosophy has always been the same. Application stacks have changed evolving year by year, because nothing is more dynamic than information technology, but the cornerstones remained firm and will remain firm as well in the future, because we resolutely believe that, in order to enable SMEs or Startups to grow, they can’t be tied up with the constraints of licenses and unbreakable bonds. Who chooses us, must be free to choose us again, year after year, without constraints or commitments which could hinder their growth.

Numbers and records are our bread and butter. So, here’s some numbers that characterize us:



Coffees consumed in a year, essential fuel for work.


Code lines written since the beginning.


Company dinner every month, because appetite is never lacking.


PS4, incentive to those who write the blog articles.


Consulting hours strictly carried out in jeans and T-shirt.


Coneheads (more or less pointed, but still cones).


Round heads (sometimes square, but never cones).


Laps made in February 2014, but it’s not a competition…