Red Hat Partnership

From today we are formally partners Red Hat (as Independent Software Vendors – ISV), in practice we have only regularized a bond, already in effect from years.

Why did we want to ratify this partnership?
Because Red Hat, a Corporate quoted on Wall Street, has remained faithful to its initial viewpoint and has remained a firm […]

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We became Microsoft Partners: Azure Cloud Platform

For over a decade we have developed custom softwares and, during these years, we’ve realized that the Cloud is the only practicable solution for those who have close to theirs hearts the growth of their company.
How would otherwise be possible, for example, to manage the back office of an App? Which other instrument, if […]

Protect your website from spam Referral

It could happen to you, analyzing data from Google Analytics, to find strange and suspicious traffic. A sea of visits with a bounce rate of 100% and strange, unknown to you, Referral.