From today we are formally partners Red Hat (as Independent Software Vendors – ISV), in practice we have only regularized a bond, already in effect from years.

Why did we want to ratify this partnership?
Because Red Hat, a Corporate quoted on Wall Street, has remained faithful to its initial viewpoint and has remained a firm supporter of Open Source.
Because at Open Gate, just as Red Hat, we are resolute endorsers of Open Source and we release our custom software under the GPL.
Moreover we can’t forget that speaking about Red Hat, means also talking about JBoss, an essential and unavoidable Application server, for all the developers like us who use Java EE.

When the best ideas win, you can’t lose

Every solution starts with sharing a problem. Technology thrives in the open, where people are free to share their ideas and build on the work of others.”

Creation is always an act of collaboration.



We subscribe in full and so we are proud to announce the beginning of our official partnership with Red Hat.