For over a decade we have developed custom softwares and, during these years, we’ve realized that the Cloud is the only practicable solution for those who have close to theirs hearts the growth of their company.
How would otherwise be possible, for example, to manage the back office of an App? Which other instrument, if not the cloud, would be able to deliver the power needed to handle the huge data flows generated by users?
For this reason, and for a thousand others equally valid, we at Open Gate are fervent supporters of the Cloud and, in addition to the established partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services), now we are also Silver Partner of Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.
It seemed proper, although we are and always will be strong supporters of Open Source and intend to continue to release our application under the GPL, to open our horizons to Azure.

For its part, Microsoft has made this possible by opening its horizons in our direction and toward the direction of all the developers having a strong Open Source heart beating.
In a nutshell, today on the website dedicated to Azure cloud platform you can find a button I would dare to define evident, definitely not buried in secondary pages reached by links of links… that states “Create a Linux virtual machine”. Expect the unexpected!

Microsoft has in fact considered as crucial for the future of Azure to open the doors to the Open Source community, to promote the use of its cloud services to a wider share of the market, not necessarily Microsoft oriented.
For this reason Microsoft has operated wide integration of the open source stack, making available on Azure several fundamental applications, languages and frameworks, including:

  • Linux (Suse, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian…)

  • Application server like Apache, Tomcat…

  • Database MySQL, MongoDB…

  • Languages as Java, PHP, Python, Django…

  • Frameworks and Development Environments (Eclipse, Mantis, Symfony…)

  • Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla…


We are therefore happy to announce that we will participate in this process of opening of Microsoft into the world of Open Source, creating this partnership with Azure.

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